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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the famous short story writers of Great Britain?

Apart from the legendary Dickens, Joseph Conrad, Diana Athill, and Roald Dahl are some of the iconic short story writers produced by Great Britain. Roald Dahl became a world known figure through the various short stories he had written targeted for children.

Are the best British short stories any good?

The thing is, some of them are ridiculously good. A few years ago, I started buying an annual anthology called The Best British Short Stories, edited by Nicholas Royle. I don't love all the stories published, but every year there are a bunch of absolute gems from authors I've usually never heard of.

Who is the greatest English writer of all time?

The 14th century writer Geoffrey Chaucer is considered by many to be the Father of English Literature and the greatest poet of the Middle Ages. He was instrumental in developing the use of the vernacular Middle English. The most famous writer of all time is probably William Shakespeare.

What are some of the best short stories written about Ireland?

While best known for Ulysses, one of the longest books in the English language, Joyce also wrote many short stories about the people of Ireland. This one follows a young woman who has to choose between duty to her family and the potential for a better life abroad with her lover. Read it for free here . 12. 'Symbols and Signs' by Vladimir Nabokov

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