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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a maritime short story?

These maritime short stories have action that occurs on a boat or near a body of water—the ocean, a river or lake. Usually, the setting will be an important part of the plot. Crunch and his companion admire a sea boat, the Evangeline IV. In fact, it doesn’t deserve the praise, as it needs a lot of work. They plan on fixing it up.

What are the characteristics of a typical sea story?

Typical sea stories follow the narrative format of "a sailor embarks upon a voyage; during the course of the voyage he is tested – by the sea, by his colleagues or by those that he encounters upon another shore; the experience either makes him or breaks him". Some scholars chose to expand the definition of what constitutes nautical fiction.

When did people start writing about the sea?

Then during the 18th century, as Bernhard Klein notes in defining "sea fiction" for his scholarly collection on sea fiction, European cultures began to gain an appreciation of the "sea" through varying thematic lenses. First because of the economic opportunities brought by the sea and then through the influence of the Romantic movement.

What is the history of nautical fiction?

Though the treatment of themes and settings related to the sea and maritime culture is common throughout the history of western literature, nautical fiction, as a distinct genre, was first pioneered by James Fenimore Cooper ( The Pilot, 1824) and Frederick Marryat ( Frank Mildmay, 1829 and Mr Midshipman Easy 1836)...

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