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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a tropical storm warning for Elsa in New Jersey?

UPDATE: National Weather Service cancels tropical storm warnings for New Jersey as Elsa departs state

Did tropical storm Elsa cause flooding in Cape Coral?

Severe flooding impacted parts of Cape Coral after rain from Tropical Storm Elsa made its way through Southwest Florida Wednesday, July 7, 2021. Two residents pass on the sidewalk along Archer Road as rain from Tropical Storm Elsa falls in Gainesville Fla., July 7, 2021.

When will Elsa hit New Jersey in 2021?

Thursday, July 8, 2021. Hoboken, N.J. Aristide Economopoulos | NJ Advance Media Northeastern New Jersey counties that were pounded by heavy rainfall from a round of thunderstorms that preceded the arrival of Elsa on Thursday evening could see more rain before the storm moves off.

Is it safe to drive during Tropical Storm Elsa?

Forecasters are advising residents to not drive on flooded roads during this time, as most flood deaths occur in vehicles. As Tropical Storm Elsa passes along the coasts of Delmarva and New Jersey overnight, be prepared for heavy rain and breezy to windy conditions.

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