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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Storm Prediction Center risk levels mean?

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) uses a five-point scale, ranging from "Marginal" to "High" Risk, and an Enhanced Risk is the middle option. As the name suggests, this means that there is an enhanced potential for dangerous weather compared to Slight Risk areas.

Does the Storm Prediction Center issue tornado watches?

The Storm Prediction Center, in collaboration with your local NWS Forecast Office, will issue a tornado watch when tornadoes and other kinds of severe weather are possible in the next several hours. It does not mean tornadoes are imminent, just that you need to be alert and prepared to go to a safe shelter if a warning is issued or tornadoes form.

What does the Storm Prediction Center' Convective Outlook means?

The Storm Prediction Center issues convective outlooks (AC), consisting of categorical and probabilistic forecasts describing the general threat of severe convective storms over the contiguous United States for the next six to 192 hours (Day 1 through Day 8). These outlooks are labeled and issued by day, and are issued up to five times per day.

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