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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of the word stormy?

Definition of stormy. 1 : relating to, characterized by, or indicative of a storm a stormy day a stormy autumn. 2 : marked by turmoil or fury a stormy life a stormy conference.

When is the weather going to be stormy?

— New York Times, 14 June 2021 Among the most important is the value of human connection in weathering stormy times. — Dr Margie Warrell, Forbes, 20 Apr. 2021 The weather won't clear up until early Saturday morning west of the Mississippi River while locations east of there will likely still be stormy.

What kind of weather is cold and stormy?

The weather was cold and stormy. Their relationship was very stormy. Recent Examples on the Web Their rescue efforts continue even as a fire and stormy weather have challenged the mission.

Which is the best definition of a stormtrooper?

1. a violent disturbance in the air causing wind, rain, thunder etc. a rainstorm; a thunderstorm; a storm at sea; The roof was damaged by the storm. 2. a violent outbreak of feeling etc. A storm of anger greeted his speech; a storm of applause.

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