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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pick your own strawberries farms are in Connecticut?

There are 37 pick your own strawberries farms in Connecticut, CT! Show map! * We have no liability for the accuracy of the information provided. We strongly recommend that you to contact farm owners before taking a trip to the farm.

What kind of food do they have at the strawberry farm?

Established in 1848, this 400-acre farm offers pick-your-own strawberries, blueberries and pumpkins with hay ride, as well as Christmas trees and... More Pick-your-own strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, pumpkins, apples and Christmas trees; country store, home made pies and jams, hay rides,... More

Why pick strawberries at Lyman Orchards?

Strawberry picking is a great family friendly activity! Strawberries are a delicious source of potassium and Vitamin C, and one cup of berries is only 55 calories. Come to Lyman Orchards for some fun and pick your own strawberries today!

How do you pick strawberries?

To pick, just put your hand over the berry and gently pinch it off at the base of the stem, but leave the green leafy top on the strawberry. Just be careful not to remove any green berries on the stem, so they will continure to ripen. Should I rinse them right away when I get home? Don’t rinse them until you’re ready to eat them.

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