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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the stud mean?

Stud(noun) a kind of nail with a large head, used chiefly for ornament; an ornamental knob; a boss. ... Stud(noun) an ornamental button of various forms, worn in a shirt front, collar, wristband, or the like, not sewed in place, but inserted through a buttonhole or eyelet, and transferable.

What is the purpose of a stud?

Purpose. Studs run from sill plate to wall plate. In modern construction studs are fastened to the plates in a way, such as using ties, to prevent the building from being lifted off the foundation by severe wind or earthquake.

What is the standard stud length?

Stud Lengths. "Stud" is the standard term for two-by-four framing lumber, but you have to check for length carefully when selecting studs or any two-by-fours close to 8 feet long. Some studs are sold in a range of "precut" lengths from 92 inches up to 92 5/8 inches.

How does stud finder find studs?

To use a stud finder, place the unit on the wall and turn it on, typically by holding down side buttons. Slide the stud finder horizontally across the wall until the lights indicate the location of a stud and mark the point with a pencil. Other studs will be spaced 16 or 24 inches from this stud.

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