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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Desmos used in the school setting?

The Desmos Service may be used by schools, school districts, or teachers (collectively referred to as “ Schools ”) in a classroom setting. When a School uses the Service with students in the classroom (“ Students ”) through, we may have access to Student Data.

Do you have to have a Desmos account to use Desmos?

Although it's not required, we suggest that students sign into a Desmos account before accessing a Desmos activity at When students sign in, they'll have the option to resume and view their work after leaving the activity.

How do I Share my graph on Desmos?

If you're logged into your account at, you can press the "Share" button in the upper right (looks like an arrow), and we'll show you some options for sharing your graph. How do I solve equations on Desmos?

How do you enter a fraction in Desmos?

To enter a fraction, try using the "/" symbol on your keyboard. Or, you can use the Desmos keypad. To convert a decimal to a fraction, use the icon to the left of the expression line in the graphing calculator and on the right in the scientific and four function calculators.

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