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Frequently Asked Questions

What is studiostudio 100?

Studio 100 is a unique event rental venue in Pearland aiming to make booking your next event experience simple, yet memorable. Our approach is to simply help set a mood while allowing you to utilize the space how you envision it. Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos.

What can I do with the V-Studio 100?

Mix and record automation using the V-STUDIO 100 as a control surface. Publish and upload your final mixes to the Internet. The V-STUDIO 100 can be used to play backing tracks and as a digital mixer for your live show.

What are the best speakers to pair with the Studio 100?

When a speaker excels in one more more areas, it's easy enough to spotlight those ... For the home theater enthusiast, or the avid audiophile the Studio 100, CC-690, ADP-590 and SUB 15 make a spectacular combination.

Is the paradigm Studio 100 stereo capable?

The Paradigm Studio 100 v.5s are quite capable in either a stereo or multi-channel setting... They throw a huge soundstage with well-defined images, without pinpointing the speakers as the sonic source and vocals are reproduced with full-bodied warmth.

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