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Frequently Asked Questions

What was so special about Studio 54?

Studio 54 had an amazing sound system, a cool horseshoe-shaped DJ booth, and the best party people in the city.

Why did Studio 54 close?

The first incarnation of Studio 54, the New York discotheque that Steve Rubell and partner Ian Schrager created and turned into the symbol of late-'70s excess, was closed with a final party on Feb. 4, 1980 shortly before its founders pleaded guilty to tax evasion; they were fined $20,000 each, and were sentenced to 3.5 years in prison.

When did Studio 54 open in NYC?

Studio 54 was a legendary New York City disco located on West 54th Street in Manhattan. It opened on April 26, 1977 and closed in March 1995. It currently serves as a venue for the Roundabout Theatre Company, with a 900 seat theatre equipped with two full service bars.

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