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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the studio App Store?

What is the Studio App Store? The Studio App Store-available now as a Beta for both Mac and Windows users-is your one stop for assets and apps to extend the functionality of Studio.

What is the Roblox Studio app?

There is a type of ROBLOX Studio app, not really but, you can connect to studio on iPad or iPod. The app is called ROBLOX Developer, you need the code from roblox studio. Go onto your PC and go into a game on studio (edit) Then go to the Test tab and clikc Pair with device a four number/letter code should show up.

How do I update Android Studio?

How to Update Android Studio Step 1: Open Android Studio Step 2: Once the gradle build is completed. Step 3: Select Check for Updates and click on it( for your Macbook, goto Android Studio option and select Check for updates). Step 4: Android Studio will show you a pop up window.

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