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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you burn a stump?

Drill holes into the stump using the spade bit and extender. The holes should be eight to 10 inches deep and drilled at a 30-degree angle. Use the plastic scoop or trowel to fill the holes full of your high-nitrogen substance. Dip your plastic cup with a spout into the bucket of hot water. Pour water into each hole.

What is the definition of Stump?

A stump is a small part of something that remains when the rest of it has been removed or broken off. If you have a tree stump, check it for fungus. In cricket, the stumps are the three wooden sticks that are placed upright in the ground to form the wicket.

What to do with a tree stump?

Make a Pedestal. One of the simplest ways to deal with a tree stump is to incorporate it into your landscape design. Work with it instead of around it and make it a pedestal that draws attention to landscape features. For example, place planters full of flowers or garden ornaments that would be lost in a garden or in the lawn on top of the stump.

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