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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Stiles switch BBQ so great in Texas?

Stiles Switch plays tribute to these Texas “greats” by assembling a passionate team with decades of industry experience. Stiles is focused on setting the bar high with his “no corners cut” methods of preparation and selection of quality product.

Which is the best barbecue restaurant in Texas?

Maple Block has earned plenty of praise over the years, including from the vaunted Texas Monthly magazine. These days the restaurant continues to turn out barky brisket and tender ribs, while also moving into one-off holiday and weekend menus that use smoked meats as a baseline for so much more.

Where are the best barbecue restaurants in Los Angeles?

These are some of greater LA and Southern California’s most prominent barbecue restaurants right now, sorted from west to east. Removed: Calabasas Custom Catering, Barrel & Ashes, Bartz, APL, Boogie McGee’s, The Park’s Finest, Horse Thief, Ragotop Fern’s

What kind of BBQ do they have in California?

Los Alamos! Paso Robles!) or the world-class wine, but also (mostly!) because of the tri-tip. This cut of meat hails from this stretch of the Golden State, and, IMO, it's the crown jewel in California's native BBQ style known as Santa Maria-style barbecue.

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