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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my styles check promo code?

To get the best savings on your personal Styles check, simply copy your code and shop as normal. When you come to make your purchases you will be asked whether you “have a offer code?” Simply enter your Styles Checks promo code in this box to see the savings soar. When will my Styles Check Company delivery arrive?

Are there any styles checks coupons that expire?

Never miss a coupon from Styles Checks! By clicking Subscribe, you accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

How can I track my styles check order?

When you order with Styles Check you’ll be given a tracking number when your order is ready to be shipped. Once you have this you can track your order directly through the Styles Check website using either your routing number and account number, or email address and ZIP code if you’ve misplaced your references. Write:The Styles Check Company, PO.

How many types of styles checks are there?

Choose from more than 200 unique varieties of checks The Styles Check Company sells, from image checks, to patterned checks, and even custom checks.

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