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Frequently Asked Questions

When does adore you by Harry Styles come out?

It was inspired by the song's accompanying visual. "Adore You" was made available for digital download and streaming by Erskine and Columbia Records as the second single from Styles' second studio album Fine Line on 6 December 2019. Styles gave his first live performance of "Adore You" on 7 December 2019 on The Graham Norton Show.

Who are the writers of the song Adore You?

The song was written by Styles, Amy Allen, Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson, with Harpoon handling the production and Johnson serving as a co-producer. "Adore You" has been described as a midtempo pop, funk, disco, psychedelic pop, and pop rock ballad, incorporating layered guitars, synths, brass and percussions in its production.

Who is the boy in the Adore you video?

When reading "adore" backwards, it becomes "Eroda" which is the name of the mysterious fictional island used in the promotional campaign for the album "Fine Line". The music video for this track was published on the 6th of December 2019. In it, Harry Styles plays the only boy on the island of Eroda who smiles.

Where was the music video for Adore you filmed?

The music video for "Adore You" was directed by Dave Meyers and premiered simultaneously with the song's release on YouTube. Filmed in Scotland, the high-concept visuals depict Styles as an outcast in the fictional island of Eroda, where he befriends a gold-dappled fish and takes care of it.

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