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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the procedures of budgeting?

STEPS IN THE BUDGETING PROCESS Update budget assumptions. Budgets are always prepared on certain assumptions. Those assumptions could be related to the sales trends, cost trends or environmental conditions. Note Available funding. Limited funding can greatly hinder the growth projects of the business. ... Step costing points. The business environment is subject to dynamism. Every day it is posed with challenges that can completely change its cost structure. More items...

How is zero-based budgeting differs from traditional budgeting?

The biggest difference between zero-based budgeting and traditional-based budgeting is that capital isn't allocated to business units based on previous spending. Instead, zero-based budgets start at zero, with all business units inside a company competing for each dollar when the new budget is made.

What are budgeting techniques?

CAPITAL BUDGETING TECHNIQUES / METHODS. There are different methods adopted for capital budgeting. The traditional methods or non discount methods include: Payback period and Accounting rate of return method. The discounted cash flow method includes the NPV method, profitability index method and IRR.

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