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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of cottage accessories?

Special furniture, storage pieces and decorative items are among commonn cottage accessories. Some of the most common cottage accessories are for holding small objects or for decoration. Vases, photo shelves, and mirrors fall into this type. Some decorative tables can also be appropriate in cottages and can be useful as functional furniture as well.

What is modern cottage style?

Modern Cottage Style is: traditional cottage architectural elements (such as dark wood trim, dormers, brick fireplaces, and wood ceiling beams), eclectic furniture featuring vintage and antique pieces, modern color palettes (grays and whites) and, current hardware finishes (antiqued brass and oil rubbed bronze).

What is cottage style room?

Cottage-Style Rooms. Cottage style is synonymous with easy living. Often associated with decorating a beach house or vacation home, today's cottage style fits easily right at home, too.

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