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Frequently Asked Questions

What was impressionist painters were most interested in?

Although many Impressionists painted portraits, they are known for their landscapes. Thanks to being the first painters enabled to paint outside, they didn't simply want to paint the shapes of the landscape but were more interested in capturing the light and the weather.

What are artists used Impressionism?

But, artists like Pierre-Auguste Renoir often used the impressionist style to paint lively city scenes full of people, asserting that landscapes weren't the only subject-matter that impressionists were limited to.

Should Impressionism be considered realism?

Impressionism can be called as an outgrowth of realism as in impressionism real subjects like humans in different situations and real scenes are portrayed. Impressionism is based on the representation of ordinary people and has a realistic approach towards the development of artworks (Frank, 2013, p.384). As can be observed in the post impressionism era, artists were engaged in drawing subjects in romantic scenes.

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