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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the noun for substantial?

Essentially, the substantive noun refers to any part of speech, including an adjective or a verb, that serves the function of a noun within a given sentence. The substantive noun was once defined by the fact that it defines an object by internal essence, rather than by accidental property.

What is a synonym for significant?

Synonyms for Significant: adj. •all (adjective) important. •central (adjective) outstanding, pivotal. n. • great, high, vast, enormous, huge. Other synonyms: • much, paralinguistic, unambiguous, emblematic, illocutionary, symbolic. • historic, trenchant, meaty, consequential, The, knowing.

What is another word for substantive?

Synonyms for Substantive: adj. •all (adjective) essential, substantial. •substantial (adjective) immanent, important, considerable, firm, bodily, sturdy, tangible, meaningful, significant, appreciable, real, material, actual, palpable, united, solid, substantial, physical. n.

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