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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for substantially?

Another word for substantial. Adjective. material, real, substantial - having substance or capable of being treated as fact; not imaginary. Example:- the substantial world. hearty, satisfying, solid, square, substantial - providing abundant nourishment. Example:- a hearty meal.

What does substantial mean?

The definition of substantial is something that is real, considerable or strong. An example of substantial is one person eating three regular-sized burritos in one sitting. Having good substance; strong; stout; solid; firm; as, substantial cloth; a substantial fence or wall.

What does substantially limits mean?

A disability that “substantially limits” one or more major life activities is one in which the individual is unable to perform a major life activity that the average person in the general public can perform. b. “Substantially limits” means the person is unable to perform a class of jobs–not just an individual job.

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