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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Kilkenny's old brewery?

After Smithwick’s was bought by Diageo, the brewery was moved to Dublin in 2014, leaving Kilkenny without a commercial brewery for the first time in 800 years. Ian Hamilton, Master Brewer at Sullivan’s explains that “Kilkenny is famous as a good brewing city because the water gets limestone, calcium and minerals that are good for beer”.

What is Sullivan's Irish Red Ale?

Our first beer from the revived Sullivan’s Brewing Company is Maltings Irish Red Ale. It’s a refreshingly balanced, ruby tinted classic Irish ale with a depth of malt flavour giving rich biscuit and gentle caramel notes. Traditionally brewed with only Kilkenny-grown ale malt, including three special darker malts and three varieties of hop.

What is Sullivan's no rush beer?

A TRADITIONAL CHILL-HOPPED PALE ALE WITH THE UNIQUE CITRUS AROMA OF AMARILLO HOPS...BREWED THE SULLIVAN’S WAY! Irish Pale Ale and gently roasted Vienna Malts. Cold hopped with unique Amarillo hops. Fermented using our Sullivan’s yeast and our ‘No-Rush’ brewing process for a delicious, classic balance.

Why did Sullivan's brewery change its name?

Formerly the big rivals in town, things changed when an unfortunate member of the Sullivan’s family lost the business on a bet in 1918 which lead to the company’s demise. Soon after, their competitors took over, retaining the workforce, the brewery and the brand name.

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