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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pay with a Suncorp credit card?

Suncorp is making it easy to pay using your iPhone or Apple Watch, with Apple Pay now available. For more details about our Clear Options Platinum Credit Card download our Credit Card Terms and Conditions Document. Ready to apply? Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply and are available on request.

What can you do with Suncorp rewards points?

Earning points is easy when you use your card for everyday purchases like groceries, fuel and eating out. Redeem for your points for travel, merchandise, vouchers, gift cards and more. As a Suncorp Rewards Member, you can redeem your points as often as you like for a Reward that suits you.

What kind of security does Suncorp Bank use?

Suncorp Bank applies a range of security measures to keep your personal information safe. We use security options such as real time fraud monitoring, secure encryption, and 2-factor authentication. Each comparison rate is based on $150,000 over 25 years.

How to get a Suncorp account in Australia?

Email us at [email protected] or call 1300 786 277. 1. Download the Suncorp App Create a Suncorp App account with your insurance or banking details.

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