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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Guide to the Suncorp app?

Scout is your guide to the Suncorp App, and is available 24/7 to answer questions about your bank accounts and insurance policies. She’s quick to learn and only wants to make your financial life easier.

Are there any insurance companies that work with Suncorp?

There are a number of Insurance brands within the Suncorp Network - AAMI, Apia, GIO, Shannons, CIL, Bingle or Suncorp. Here are some helpful tips for Insurance customers to identify potential scams.

What are the benefits of a MPI plan?

The MPI™ plans have various benefits including permanent life insurance, living benefits, lowest legal expenses, tax-free distributions at any age for any reason with no penalties, legal protections against liens, lawsuits, and creditors, security against market volatility, and enhanced growth potential through the exclusive MPI™ Match Program.

How can I protect my Suncorp bank account?

Never provide your personal or security details, including Customer ID or passwords, in response to any email or phone call. Suncorp will never request this information from you via email. Always scan any new programs or files for viruses before you open, install or use them. Your anti-virus software may do this for you automatically.

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