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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a Suncorp savings account?

Each provides access to features like our award-winning mobile app and handy budget tracker. Whatever your savings goals are, we offer an account to suit you. Earn bonus interest for every month that you grow your net balance by $200 or more (excluding interest) and make no more than one withdrawal.

Can you pay bills with BPAY at Suncorp Bank?

You can pay bills using BPAY, and you can look forward to banking at Suncorp Bank branches. Everyday Options Account - This everyday account enables you to earn interest, while providing you with easy access to funds. You can link up to 9 sub-accounts to this account, in which case, they earn interest as well.

How often does Suncorp pay out bonus interest?

Bonus interest is payable for every calendar month that you grow your net balance by at least $200 and make no more than 1 withdrawal. Interest accrued does not contribute to monthly account balance growth requirement for bonus interest. If bonus interest conditions are not met the standard variable rate only will apply.

Can a flexirate account be set up with Suncorp?

Earn higher interest by choosing to lock away a portion of your savings for up to 12 months. flexiRates can easily be set up and managed in the Suncorp App and Internet Banking. flexiRates are available on the Everyday Options Main and Sub-Account, Business Premium Account and Business Saver Account. Eligibility criteria and limits apply.

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