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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the mod of Friday night Funkin vs Sunday?

A mod of Friday Night Funkin where Boyfriend does some epic rap battle against Sunday as she slowly wake up from her slumber. Sunday needs a replacement co-vocalist for her band. think you can give it a shot?

How to play Sunday full week on FNF?

Help BF prove his talents to Sunday, right now! Start by choosing if you want to play in the Story Mode or the Free Play mode, and then give it your best to reach the end of the songs and sing so correctly according to the charts that the progress bar is going to be in your favor.

Where does Sunday full week mod take place?

Sunday's full week mod takes place after the Golf Minigame mod, as seen in the beginning cutscene Girlfriend and Carol are wearing their golf outfits and Girlfriend holds her golf club. The cube shader.jpg file is a screenshot from Hayako - Analys, a level made in NotITG, where the playfields get displayed on a rotating, twisting cube.

Who is the boyfriend in boyfriend X girlfriend?

Boyfriend x Girlfriend (FNF STORY)... by Ziyada Hope Berhe. Boyfriend never thought he would find love in life after a breakup incident in high school. That all changed when he met her.

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