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Frequently Asked Questions

What should be included in Sundays and seasons?

Sundays and Seasons supports comprehensive week-by-week planning with content and ideas for liturgy and music, preaching and visuals, shaped by the Revised Common Lectionary, the church year, and the assembly gathered around word and sacrament.

How does Sundays and seasons support worship in the church?

These lectionary-based resources help you keep time in the office, sacristy, and home. This rich, reliable resource for worship planning offers an expansive library of content and ideas for liturgy, music, preaching, and visuals in one convenient location. Click here to watch our training videos! How does Sundays and Seasons support worship?

What are the seasons of the Lutheran Church?

Found here are the Sundays and seasons in the cycles of the Church’s liturgical calendar: Christmas/Epiphany, Good Friday/Easter, and Pentecost, followed by the Time of the Church. The Time of Christmas. Advent Season. Christmas Season.

Can you subscribe to both Sundays and seasons?

Subscribe to both Deluxe and Prelude Music Planner with the same account to enjoy integration between these planning tools. Get everything you need to celebrate an occasional service, special blessing, or seasonal rite.

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