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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is faster a supra or Skyline?

The Toyota Supra vs Nissan Skyline R34 sound battle, revs , accelerations and much more on the video! Which one is your favorite?! Filmed during the Race1000...

What is the difference between id and supra?

“Supra” is used to cite prior material while “infra” is used to cite subsequent material. Is ID underlined? Id. has its own rules. The period at the end of Id. is always italicized. Why is supra citation used in cases? Supra may be used to refer to a previously fully cited authority, unless id.

What does supra mean in Latin?

Supra (Latin for “above”) is an academic and legal citation signal used when a writer desires to refer a reader to an earlier-cited authority. For example, an author wanting to refer to a source in their third footnote would cite: See supra note 3. What does supra mean in a case? A Latin term meaning “above”.

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