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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word surrender mean?

Surrender(noun) the yielding of a particular estate to him who has an immediate estate in remainder or reversion. Surrender(noun) the giving up of a principal into lawful custody by his bail. Surrender(noun) the delivery up of fugitives from justice by one government to another, as by a foreign state.

What is surrender exercise?

Surrenders is an underestimated exercise that works the entire body. The move looks simple, but it completely challenges your quads, hamstrings, glutes and shoulders when you lower to the ground (as if in surrender) and push your bodyweight—plus whatever dumbbells you are holding—back up to standing.

What is the definition of surrender in the Bible?

Surrender is also noted in Christian doctrine as one of the three columns of victorious living, or Christian victory: the Blood of the Lamb [Christ], their Testimony of the Word of God [Scriptures] and their lives, and Loving not their lives to death.

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