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Frequently Asked Questions

Is surround sound really better than stereo?

Surround sound systems generally produce better sound quality than stereo, making the former good for watching movies and gaming. Meanwhile, we recommend using stereo sound for listening to music as it produces higher sound fidelity.

Does my computer have surround sound?

It's not particularly likely that your PC has a surround sound enabled card by default so you'll have to check. Search for your Device Manager on your computer, open it up and have a look under the 'Sound, video and game controllers' arrow. If you have a sound card, it will be displayed here.

How do you test surround sound?

Choose "Sound" and then click the "Playback" tab. Select your surround-sound speakers and then click the "Configure" button below them. Click the 5.1 or 7.1 surround option and then click the "Test" button to test your surround sound. Listen closely while testing the sounds to make sure that sound is coming from every speaker.

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