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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a quasi suspect class?

Quasi-suspect classification is a statutory classification established on gender or legitimacy. In the context of an equal protection analysis, if a statute employs a quasi-suspect classification, such as gender or illegitimacy, then courts must apply intermediate scrutiny and ask whether...

What are suspect classifications?

Suspect classification. In American jurisprudence, a suspect classification is any classification of groups meeting a series of criteria suggesting they are likely the subject of discrimination.

What is the suspect class test?

For a suspect class, the court uses strict scrutiny, which is the toughest level of review. This test requires the government to prove that its law or action is necessary to achieve a compelling government interest. Further, there must be no other means for the government to achieve its objective.

Is sexual orientation suspect class?

California classifies sexual orientation as a suspect class under state law. Connecticut and Iowa classify sexual orientation as a quasi-suspect class under their respective state laws.

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