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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play suspects with friends on Steam?

You can either choose to play the game with your closest friends, or with other players with a similar skill level, that the game will determine for you. This game is under constant development and new maps, tasks, and features await you. Suspects is a game for all friends and family to enjoy together! Play for Free!

Who are the suspects in suspects Mystery Mansion?

Much like Among Us, Suspects: Mystery Mansion draws influence from social deduction games such as Mafia and Werewolf. It puts you alongside 9 other players who are tasked with solving a recent murder. The catch is, there will be killers amongst the group, looking to put a stop to the investigation by taking out the other players one by one.

How many levels are there in Mystery Case Files Prime Suspects?

The Queen's Hope Diamond has been stolen! It's up to you to search for clues throughout 22 levels, find the offending culprit, and recover the stolen gem. Expand your investigations through the game's 29 unique locations by finding items that will unlock subsequent levels. - 75% of the 28 user reviews for this game are positive.

Is there a suspects app for Google Play?

Suspects is a game for all friends and family to enjoy together! Find the killer among us! Loading…

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