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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when something is suspended?

Did you know? When something is suspended, it is "left hanging;" it is neither in full operation nor permanently ended. Suspense is a state of uncertainty and maybe anxiety.

Which is the best definition of suspended disbelief?

1. To bar for a period from a privilege, office, or position, usually as a punishment: suspend a student from school. 2. To cause to stop for a period; interrupt: suspended the trial. 3. a. To hold in abeyance; defer: suspend judgment. See Synonyms at defer 1. b.

What do you mean by suspend without pay?

The police officers were suspended without pay for their conduct. The principal suspended the student from school for fighting. The city suspended bus service during the storm. The company was forced to suspend operations. They have suspended the peace talks. I advise suspending judgment until the investigation is over.

What does suspend mean in the criminal justice system?

Mr Young was given a six-month jail sentence, suspended for two years (= if he commits another crime within two years, he will have to go to prison for six months for his original crime).

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