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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Swansons nursery in Seattle, WA open?

Seattle's favorite garden store since 1924. Swansons Nursery offers a large selection of indoor and outdoor plants, gardening tools and supplies, home decor, gifts, patio furniture, and more.… "We are open daily from 9am-6pm. Walk-ins welcome!" How is this business handling reopening? What safety measures are they taking during COVID?

Where are the best nurseries in Seattle WA?

Swansons, a local nursery near the Ballard area of Seattle, offers one of the most beautiful and plentiful displays of plants I have seen around. In particular, I love their ornamental grass collection, shade ferns and lavender. If you're looking for something rare or unusual for your outdoor garden, I might check with Swansons first.

What kind of plants do Swansons nursery have?

Our incredible selection is always curated to plants that thrive in our Pacific Northwest Maritime climate and our expert staff can help you with advice on planting and caring for your new plants. We also offer lots of gardening information and inspiration on our PNW Gardening Tips page and in our Garden Blog.

Which is the bigger nursery sky or Swansons?

Swansons and Sky are the too big nurseries here in the north part of Seattle. Honestly, Swansons has the larger collection of plants with unusual varieties and colors of common plants however Sky has a much larger bonsai supply section with a much larger pot selection. If only they could blend a bit and I can just go to one nursery!

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