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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BIC code for bank of Queensland?

SWIFT BIC routing code for Bank Of Queensland Ltd is QBANAU4B, which is used to transfer the money or fund directly through our account. This is electronic fund transfer payment method.

Where is the bank of Queensland in Brisbane?

EFT (Electronic fund transfer or wire transfer to direct bank account) facility ia available for Bank Of Queensland Ltd located in Brisbane with swift bic routing code of QBANAU4B in , Australia. This SWIFT BIC code list was searched 68 number of times in the past.

What is the SWIFT code for bank of queensla?

QBANAU4B - SWIFT Code Breakdown SWIFT Code QBANAU4B or QBANAU4BXXX Bank Code QBAN - code assigned to BANK OF QUEENSLA ... Country Code AU - code belongs to Australia Location & Status 4B - represents location, second digit ' ... Branch Code XXX or not assigned, indicating this is ...

What does 8 stand for in bank of Queensland?

8 - The short 8-letter swift refers to the PRIMARY Office of BANK OF QUEENSLAND LTD. QBAN - This is the institution / bank code assigned to BANK OF QUEENSLAND LTD.. AU - This is the 2-letter country code associated with AUSTRALIA (AU).

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