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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the managers of Sydney Football Club?

The club has become a dominant force and consistent performer in recent times within the top-flight, a surge led by managers Graham Arnold (2014–2018) and Steve Corica (2018–present).

Who is the new player for Sydney FC?

Sydney FC has completed the signing of experienced centre-half James Donachie for the A-League 2021/22 season. Sydney FC star Bobô says unfinished business is what spurred him on to sign a new one-year deal with the Sky Blues this week.

Who is the owner of Sydney soccer club?

Sydney FC was officially launched as a member of the new 8-team A-League on 1 November 2004, with a 25% stake in the club held by Soccer NSW, the remainder privately owned. Walter Bugno was announced as the inaugural chairman of the club.

Who was the first chairman of Sydney FC?

Walter Bugno was announced as the inaugural chairman of the club. On 11 December 2004, Soccer NSW announced that it would pull out of its involvement with Sydney FC amid concerns over part owner Frank Lowy's autocratic style in establishing the club and lack of consultation with Soccer NSW on key Sydney FC issues.

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