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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Sydney health?

Sydney Health is accessible for members who use the Engage Wellbeing app, but features are limited. Find what you need — with one-click access to benefits info, Member Services and wellness resources. And, you can use the interactive chat to get answers quickly. Personalized Match helps you find a doctor in your plan who’s right for you.

What does the Sydney Health app do for You?

Sydney Health is all about saving you time and connecting you with the care you need, when you need it. Within minutes, members can visit with a doctor, right from the app. You also can access your health plan and medical information in one place. Sydney Health makes it easier to put your health – and time – first.

How can I find a doctor in Sydney?

Sydney Health makes it easy to find doctors near you, get important information about benefits and claims, track your progress toward health goals and more. You can even get your member ID card right from Sydney.

Can you get Sydney Health on your phone?

Download Sydney Health to your device today. Sydney Health is offered through an arrangement with CareMarket Inc. Some Sydney Health capabilities may not be available with all plans. Loading… --We’ve made it easy for you to visit with a doctor virtually for no or low cost depending on your plan.

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