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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Sydney Leathers?

In 2013, the popular Democratic representative Anthony Weiner have involved in a sexting scandal that destroyed his career and shot Sydney Leathers to disrepute. During that time Leathers was in her early 20s when she leaked the scandal, before being outed. Following the massive scandal, she most of the time stayed away from the media.

How old is Sydney Leathers from the Bachelor?

Sydney Leathers is a 30-year-old writer, adult performer, and political activist who was born in southern Indiana, but grew up in southern Illinois. Sydney has always been very passionate about politics, so passionate that it ultimately made headline news. Sydney exposed politician Anthony Weiner and admitted she was his sexting partner in the...

Who is Sally Sydney Leathers?

Sydney Leathers is a writer, adult performer, actress, and political activist. Currently, using her experience in the adult industry, she promotes the new crypto startup called SpankChain. At SpankChain she worked in various roles like social media marketing to model outreach.

What did Sydney Leathers do to Anthony Weiner?

She filmed an unprotected sex scene for a series �Public Disgrace� with Xander Corvus. Sydney Leathers is an American political activist infamously known for being a sexting partner of politician Anthony Weiner. During Weiner's Mayoral campaign, Sydney exposed him saying he was her sexting partner.

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