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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was sentenced to death for Sydney loofe murder?

A three-judge panel sentenced Trail to death. Trail, 54, and Bailey Boswell, 26, were convicted of the 2017 murder of Lincoln store clerk Sydney Loofe, 24. On Wednesday, Trail said he wanted to set the record straight and addressed Loofe's family whom were seated in the courtroom.

How did Aubrey Trail and Sydney loofe meet?

Boswell and Loofe met on Tinder in November 2017, according to KMTV in Omaha. They had exchanged more than 100 messages before arranging to meet. They had a date on Nov. 14, during which Boswell and Loofe drove around smoking pot — arranging a date for the next night, according to the World-Herald.

When did Aubrey trail get sentenced to death?

Aubrey Trail has been sentenced to death for the killing of Sydney Loofe. As he was wheeled out of the courtroom he looked right at me and said “you can’t fight fate.” Trail was initially scheduled for sentencing in June 2020 but was delayed until December 2020.

Where was Sydney loofe's body found in Nebraska?

Loofe was reported missing the next day, sparking an intense search that ultimately led to the discovery of her remains on Dec. 4. Loofe's body had been dismembered, wrapped in plastic bags, and scattered along gravel roads in central Nebraska.

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