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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was found guilty in the Sydney loofe case?

The State of Nebraska is seeking the death penalty in this case. Aubrey Trail, Boswell's partner in this case, was found guilty in July 2019. Prosecutors said Loofe's death was a planned abduction and killing. Aubrey Trail's attorney said Loofe's killing was an accident that occurred as she, Trail and Boswell played out a consensual sex fantasy.

Where was the body of Sydney loofe found?

It reportedly occurred after Loofe hooked up with Boswell on Tinder and met her in person on November 15. Following their encounter, Loofe reportedly disappeared. Nineteen days later, police say they discovered Loofe’s body in rural Clay County, cut up and wrapped in trash bags.

How did Bailey Boswell die Sydney loofe case?

A cellphone Bailey Boswell used to access her Tinder account was used near where the body parts were found. Store security video in Lincoln showed Aubrey Trail and Boswell buying tools and supplies used in the dismemberment on November 15. An autopsy concluded Loofe died from strangulation.

Who is Aubrey trail in Sydney loofe case?

WILBER, NE — The trial of Aubrey Trail for the November 2017 murder and dismemberment of Sydney Loofe initially made headlines for reportedly involving the dating app Tinder and the alleged participation of Bailey Boswell, his much younger girlfriend, as an alleged accomplice.

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