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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the cause of death for Sydney loofe?

Newly released court documents give more insight into what happened to a 24-year-old Nebraska woman who disappeared after an online date and was later found dead. Sydney Loofe, 24, of Lincoln, died from “homicidal violence including strangulation,” according to court documents, which Saline County Sheriff Alan Moore signed.

Where did Sydney loofe go to high school?

She graduated from Neligh-Oakdale High School, where her father is the principal and her mother is a special education teacher. Loofe was reported missing by her family on Nov. 16, after she failed to show up for her job at a home improvement store.

How did Sydney loofe meet Sydney Boswell on Tinder?

Loofe reportedly met Boswell through the dating app Tinder in November 2017. While police say Boswell has remained tight-lipped about the case, Trail has reportedly spoken several times with state and federal investigators. “During these interviews ... he has acknowledged that he strangled her to death with an extension cord,” the affidavit reads.

When was the last message Bailey sent to loofe?

“The last message Boswell sent to Sydney occurred at 6:54 PM on November 15 ... in which Bailey messaged that she was at Sydney’s residence,” the investigative documents allege. Authorities reportedly discovered Loofe’s cell phone was last connected to a tower near Wilber, which is where Boswell and Trail had been renting a basement apartment.

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