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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the woman that killed Sydney loofe?

A Nebraska woman has been convicted of brutally murdering and dismembering Sydney Loofe nearly three years after Loofe's remains were found scattered along the side of a road.

What was the cause of death for loofe?

When examining Loofe’s limbs, Elieff recognized areas above her ankles and below her elbows, where skin and soft tissue removed, leaving bones exposed.

When did the autopsy take place on loofe?

Her testimony Friday morning began with the processes of an autopsy and the discussion of the use of tools that are used during autopsy examinations. Elieff says she received Loofe’s body in 13 pieces to her lab on December 7, 2017, just two days after she was found in various places in Clay County.

Why was there no blood in loofe's body?

Loofe also had no blood remaining in her body, which Elieff says is common in dismemberment cases. Without blood, Elieff was forced to take lung and brain tissue to use for the toxicology report. Toxicology showed that an anti-depressant and alcohol were found in her system.

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