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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you know about the loofe family?

Loofe was one of three children and is the daughter of George and Susie Loofe. Here’s what you need to know about the Loofe family: 1. The Loofe Family Announced That Sydney’s Body Was Found December 4 Facebook The Snapchat message Sydney Loofe sent the night she went missing.

What did the family say about Sydney loofe?

In a post to the official “ Finding Sydney Loofe ” Facebook page, the family wrote an emotional message accompanied by a news article reporting her body had been found. “It’s with heavy hearts that we share this most recent update with you all,” the post said. “Please continue to pray for Sydney and our entire family.

Who was the woman that killed Sydney loofe?

A Nebraska woman has been convicted of brutally murdering and dismembering Sydney Loofe nearly three years after Loofe's remains were found scattered along the side of a road.

Where did Sydney loofe go missing in Nebraska?

Sydney Loofe, of Lincoln, was reported missing November 16 after she told friends she was meeting up with a woman she met through Tinder. An extensive search brought in multiple agencies and led investigators to many parts of Nebraska. Less than three weeks later, her body was discovered in a rural Nebraska town.

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