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Who was found guilty of the murder of Sydney loofe?

UPDATE (October 14, 2020): Bailey Boswell has been found guilty of the murder of Sydney Loofe. At trial, it was revealed that Bailey had fantasies of sexual torture. Both she and Trail attempted to get numerous girls involved in their sexual relations.

Who is Aubrey trail in Sydney loofe case?

WILBER, NE — The trial of Aubrey Trail for the November 2017 murder and dismemberment of Sydney Loofe initially made headlines for reportedly involving the dating app Tinder and the alleged participation of Bailey Boswell, his much younger girlfriend, as an alleged accomplice.

Where did Sydney loofe Tinder murder take place?

One of the videos ended with Boswell flipping off the camera as Trail mentioned the Lincoln Police Department. “I wish the family the best, I mean no disrespect to anyone and as far as the police department, fuck you,” Trail said. Police arrested Boswell and Trail in Branson, Missouri , on Nov. 30.

Where did Sydney loofe go to high school?

Sydney Loofe grew up in Neligh, a small city in Antelope County. She graduated from Neligh-Oakdale High School, where her father is the principal and her mother is a special education teacher. Loofe was reported missing by her family on Nov. 16, after she failed to show up for her job at a home improvement store.

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