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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sydney McLaughlin engaged to be married to?

The 22-year-old sprinter revealed the awesome news on Wednesday -- penning a beautiful love note to her future hubby, ex-NFL receiver Andre Levrone. "I fall in love with you more and more each day off of the strength of your faith," McLaughlin said on Instagram.

Who is Sydney McLaughlin's boyfriend Andre Levrone Jr?

Now many are curious to know more about life away from the track as well as Sydney McLaughlin’s boyfriend, Andre Levrone Jr. Who is Sydney McLaughlin? Sydney McLaughlin was born 7 August 1999 and is a 21-year-old hurdler and sprinter.

Who was the NFL player that proposed to Sydney McLaughlin?

Andre, who spent two years playing in the NFL as a wide receiver, proposed at the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale, Ariz. In photos that captured the intimate moment, 22-year-old Sydney wore an orange mini-dress and clutched a bouquet of sunflowers as Andre, 26, got down on one knee.

Why did Sydney McLaughlin want to be an Olympian?

RELATED: Sydney McLaughlin on Her Evolution from 2016 Rio Games to Winning Gold in Tokyo: 'Dream Come True' "Honestly, it's a dream come true — something I have truly dreamt about ever since I was a kid," McLaughlin told PEOPLE following the Summer Games. "I think going in, I knew it was gonna be a very fast race.

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