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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sydney Morning Herald biased against Australia?

Any newspaper, media outlet, website, TV network or radio station can be biased against anything that it doesn't openly support and encourage. The Sydney Morning Herald has been called bias many times over the past decade, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is biased. In most...

Who is the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald?

The current editor is Lisa Davies. The Sydney Morning Herald is owned by Nine Entertainment, which is an Australian publicly listed media company. Nine owns several TV channels as well as new organizations such as The Age and 9news. The SMH is funded through advertising and subscription fees.

Is the Sydney Morning Herald part of Fairfax Media?

Gain the tools to adapt in the face of digital disruption. The Sydney Morning Herald is part of a much larger multi-media company which is publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, called Fairfax Media Pty Ltd.

Is there a right or left bias in the media?

In conclusion, right-leaning corporate media providers dominate the print and broadcast media; therefore, there is significant corporate influence on the media, while the Government indirectly affects bias through defamation and national security laws. Left vs. Right Bias: How we rate the bias of media sources

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