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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the leader of the Sydney Morning Herald?

During the 2019 election, the Herald begrudgingly endorsed Bill Shorten and the centre-left Australian Labor Party after Malcolm Turnbull was ousted as PM. It is only the sixth time the Sydney Morning Herald has endorsed Labor since federation. Simon Letch, named as one of the year's best illustrators on four consecutive occasions.

Why is the Sydney Morning Herald going digital?

The announcement was part of an overall "digital first" strategy of increasingly digital or on-line content over printed delivery, to "increase sharing of editorial content," and to assist the management's wish for "full integration of its online, print and mobile platforms."

What kind of magazines are in the Sydney Morning Herald?

The Sydney Morning Herald includes a variety of supplements, including the magazines Good Weekend (which is included in the Saturday edition of The Sydney Morning Herald); and Sunday Life.

When did the Sun and the Sydney Morning Herald merge?

In 1949, the newspaper launched a Sunday edition, The Sunday Herald. Four years later, this was merged with the newly acquired Sun newspaper to create The Sun-Herald, which continues to this day. By the mid-1960s a new competitor had appeared in Rupert Murdoch's national daily The Australian, which was first published on 15 July 1964.

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