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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald?

The current editor is Lisa Davies. The Sydney Morning Herald is owned by Nine Entertainment, which is an Australian publicly listed media company. Nine owns several TV channels as well as new organizations such as The Age and 9news. The SMH is funded through advertising and subscription fees.

How did the Sydney Morning Herald get its name?

It was first published on 11 January 1947. The name comes from the fact that it originally occupied the final (8th) column of the broadsheet newspaper's front page. In a front-page redesign in the lead-up to the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, Column 8 moved to the back page of the first section from 31 July 2000.

Where can I buy the Sydney Morning Herald?

Front page prints of The Sydney Morning Herald from 1945 onward are available for purchase online at The pages are printed on archival quality photographic paper that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Framing is also available. Dates prior to 1945 and other pages are also available.

When did the Sun and the Sydney Morning Herald merge?

In 1949, the newspaper launched a Sunday edition, The Sunday Herald. Four years later, this was merged with the newly acquired Sun newspaper to create The Sun-Herald, which continues to this day. By the mid-1960s a new competitor had appeared in Rupert Murdoch's national daily The Australian, which was first published on 15 July 1964.

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