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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Sydney Penny first appear on All my Children?

Sydney Penny is probably best known for playing "Julia Santos" on ABC Television's daytime drama, All My Children (1970). She made her first appearance on the soap opera in September 1993.

What was the zodiac sign of Sydney Penny?

All found copies will be reported. Sydney Margaret Penny was born on 7 August 1971, in Nashville, Tennessee USA, so holding American nationality, and her zodiac sign is Leo. Born into the family of the former Western Swing singer and comedian Hank Penny, and operatically trained singer Shari Penny, Sydney was raised in Chatsworth, California.

How old was Sydney Penny in Pale Rider?

She also starred in the 1998 WB television drama series Hyperion Bay. As a teenager she appeared in the 1985 Clint Eastwood film Pale Rider, and at age 10, she played the young Meggie in the popular TV mini-series The Thorn Birds .

What kind of relationship does Greg Penny have with Sydney Penny?

Sydney and Greg communicate as often as they can and all are in good relationships. In 2019 Sydney’s mother published her book “The Enchanted Carousel”, which is a fantasy children book about the girl named Chloe, who finds her grandmother’s secret journal in the attic of her old house.

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