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Frequently Asked Questions

How old was Sydney Penny when she was born?

She was born in Nashville, Tennessee, the United States of America, and grew up in Chatsworth, California. The 48 years old actress is also widely known for being the daughter of comedian Hank Penny and wife Shari. She completed her high school from Chaminade College Preparatory.

Who is Sydney Penny from Bold and beautiful?

Sydney Penny Wiki Biography. Sydney Margaret Penny is an actress born on 7th August 1971. in Nashville, Tennessee USA. Among many appearances, she is probably best known for her roles of Samantha “Sam” Kelly in the CBS TV series “The Bold and the Beautiful”, and Julia Santos Keefer in the soap opera “All My Children”.

What's the name of Sydney Penny's new book?

In 2019 Sydney’s mother published her book “The Enchanted Carousel”, which is a fantasy children book about the girl named Chloe, who finds her grandmother’s secret journal in the attic of her old house. Shari wrote on her Instagram account that the plot of the book was totally inspired by the story of her grandmother, Sydney Guerry Fox Madden.

What kind of movies did Sydney Penny appear in?

Sydney's long list of credits include a co-starring role in the syndicated television series, The New Gidget (1986) and roles in the movies, Pale Rider (1985), with Clint Eastwood; Running Away (1989) (a/k/a "Running Away") with Sophia Loren, and the French film, Bernadette (1988).

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