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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Sydney Swanson first appear on Gidget?

Sydney got her first recurring role in the series “The New Gidget” in 1986, landing the role of Danielle ‘Dani’ Collins-Griffin, and appearing in 44 episodes of the show from 1986 to 1988.

Who is Sydney Penny in All my Children?

Sydney Penny is an American actress, who is probably best known for her role of Julia Santos Keefer in the series “All My Children”. She’s also appeared in such series as “The Bold and the Beautiful”, “Hyperion Bay” and “Pale Rider”.

Who are the parents of the New Gidget?

Raised in Chatsworth, California, Sydney is the daughter of parents- Hank Penny, former Western Swing bandleader and comedian, and his wife Shari. From the young age of six, she started to show up in the commercial. During her teenage years, she co-starred in the TV series ‘The New Gidget (1986)’.

Who is the actress who plays Gidget in Gidget's summer reunion?

Caryn Richman reprises her role as Gidget from Gidget's Summer Reunion. This marks the only time the character got played by the same actress more than once.

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